Congratulations to "Ramblin Rose" our first winner.

"Ramblin Rose" is the first "pet child" to have her story told in our Pet Corner contest and Mrs.McCarthy, thank you so much for sharing your charming story.

"Ramblin Rose"

There were mysterious animal tracks across the snow in my back yard in Butte, Montana, with a tail so large that I thought it was a beaver. I don't live anywhere a beaver should be so I kept watching and waiting to see what was in my yard. One morning early, after a horrible snow storm, I found out that my beaver was actually a darling, fluffy calico cat with the biggest tail I'd ever seen. I tried to catch that big tailed kitty but she'd have nothing to do with me until I started putting food in the back yard. She was frightened, hungry and cold but she kept coming back for food. I could see that she was just skin and bones but with her tummy getting bigger and bigger I knew she must be pregnant. I watched over her until it was time for her to deliver. Spring came and she vanished for a few days but was soon back looking for food. I was delighted to see her and followed her to where she'd hidden the kittens. One looked just like her and the other was pure black. I checked with the vet and when the time was right, I took her to be vaccinated and spayed. The kittens were also cared for and now have good homes. I named her "Rosie" and tried to keep her in the house but she cried and cried to such a point that I couldn't stand it. She was really miserable. Since that time, Rosie regards the garage roof, overlooking the kitchen, as her home and lives in a heated and insulated kitty condo with all the warm milk, water and food she can eat. She visits with me in the kitchen but she does like to ramble sometimes, so her name changed to "Ramblin Rose." She doesn't allow any cats in the back yard now, except for a big black tom cat. He's is her steady fella and probably the father of her kittens, but has a home of his own, so he never stays very long. I never had a cat before and really never liked them much. Rosie didn't have a home before and didn't like people much either. Now we have each other and both learned a lesson.

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