David R. Freeland Jr. brings the meaning of "Talisman" back to jewelry. His creations are inspired by his heart.

David started making jewelry as a young boy in Arizona where his parents traded with Southwest American Indians. Discovering a natural flair for the craft, he began producing his own silver and gold jewelry at the age of 14, experimenting with the different techiques, cutting opals, gem stones and other precious stones. David, a self-taught designer and Metis (French-Canadian Indian) in decent, draws inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of the Southwest American Indians and his forefathers.

Fond of the tropics, David permanently resides in the Philippine Islands where he has created the perfect place to execute his art. He travels all over the world in search of high quality stones. Each stone is then carefully cut to bring out its' best features, matched and meticulously inlaid in unique and intricate designs. Extra time is spent to insure the finest hand-made quality. His work is Bold, Traditional, Classic and Elegant with contemporary appeal.

Facinated with the magical qualities of the opal, David introduces his latest creations, the finest Australian opals set in 14K gold. Also, highly collectible are his sculptured Silver Kachina dolls, inlaid with semi-precious stones and inspired by the Hopi Indians. Davids' work goes beyond the physical... it touches your soul.